Fitness Class

Aquagym, zumba, fitness etc.

aquafun a l'argentiere

To stay in shape during your stay in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, just boost your days with our Fitness Class (except Saturday and Sunday), followed and coached by our animators and our bathing supervisors throughout the day ...


Planning type (Subject to change)

  • Wake up: Drink your coffee and attack directly by jogging through our natural park to be waked up by lovely birdsongs ...
  • Breakfast: Eat your ‘croissant’ and carry on with a moment of letting go in a stretching class to relax your muscles ...
  • Before the snack time: Dive into our invigorating pool to take a friendly and dynamic water aerobics class ...
  • Before-siesta: Introduce yourself to dancing in all its forms: jazz, ethnic or contemporary like Box'n'Dance, to be able to shine the same evening on the dance floor ...
  • Before-aperitif: Confront your team spirit through an energizing Water Polo match before starting a beautiful evening in the fresh air of the Côte d'Azur ...



Cours de yoga camping cogolin

Déstresser ? Souffler ? Se libérer ?  Venez vous détendre pleinement à nos cours de Yoga dispensés par un professeur diplômé !  Plutôt Vinyasa ou Flow ? A chacun son cours !

Kid club

mini club enfant camping cogolin

Our animators BAFA (Diploma of Youth Leaders and Workers) welcome your children from 4 to 12 years old for two activities a day (except the weekend). A manual activity in the morning from 9am to 12pm and a fun sporting activity in the afternoon from 2 to 5pm. Painting, Brazilian wristbands, Olympics, awareness of the environmental commitment with the study of selective sorting, water activities in the aquatic area, face painting, treasure hunting, choreographic show ...



Planning type

  • 9am – 12pm: treasure hunt or Olympics or water games
  • 2pm – 5pm: kitchen workshop – workshop painting – dance etc.
  • Dear Parents, we ask you friendly to accompany your child for the first activity so that you can fill in the security form of each child.

NB: Our Kid club will be closed this season due to Covid-19. More details in our page Covid-19 informations. 

Club Ados


Un espace dédié et réservé à nos chers adolescents en mal d'indépendance?

lodge club ados


L'Argentière a la solution avec sa nouvelle lodge safari réservé aux ados ! 

Une aire aménagée à côté du terrain multisport, dans un esprit d'aventure et de dépaysement ! Accessible de 13 à 17 ans. 





Un espace hybride pour les jeunes: 

  • Ouvert sur des créneaux encadrés par un(e) animateur(trice) pour des grands jeux ou des soirées 
  • Ouvert en continu en accès libre à toute heure pour simplement se poser entre amis ! 


Enjoy the sweetness of the summer evenings by participating in our many animations of the months July and August.

Spectacle camping l'Argentiere golfe de saint tropez

Enjoy the sweetness of the summer evenings by participating in our many animations of the months July and August: 


  • Theme nights (paella, mussels & fries)
  • Cabaret evenings
  • Brazilian evening
  • Antillean evening
  • Pop rock concert
  • Miss election,
  • Hypnosis evening
  • Magic evening etc.


Atmosphere guaranteed during the night petanque competition ! You can also simply meet new people by enjoying a cocktail and dancing on the varied music, retro, disco …


An abundance of activities will be proposed with "Amusez-vous" guide !


In partnership with the Office of Tourism of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, camping Argentière offers the guide Have fun with a wide range of possible activities and discounts to these, if you let us take care of your reservations.


All activities



Here are some examples of the proposed activities:


Aquatic activities

  • Go for a "naturalistic outing to the cetaceans" with the star Golden Islands for an unforgettable encounter with the dolphins (Cavalaire, Le Lavandou)
  • Discover the creeks by boat with Fiou Pélan (Cavalaire sur mer)
  • Go paddle or kayak from the beautiful Escalet beach and along the creeks (Ramatuelle)
  • Discover Saint-Tropez by the sea with the boat La Pouncho while tastings of local flavours or toasting with a glass of Champagne during the sunset (Saint-Tropez)
  • Go on a rubber ring, water ski, jet ski, wake-board or even kitesurf from one of the beaches of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez (Grimaud, Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, Cavalaire)
  • Discover wonderful variety of corals, gorgonians and fauna of all kinds during heavenly diving sessions (Ramatuelle)


Adrenaline and sensation activities

  • Discover Saint-Tropez by Mobil board (Saint-Tropez)
  • Take off and break free with parasailing (Sainte-Maxime, Cavalaire)
  • Discover the coast and go on the shoreline trails on a mountain bike (Ramatuelle, Grimaud, Cogolin ...)
  • Zip lines, monkey bridges, bridges or Tarzan jumps, gather up your courage and swing from tree to tree in the rope park for moments of sensation and fun courses (Sainte-Maxime)
  • Discover the "tracking", which means the study of animal and human traces and learn in a fun way the basic principles of survival, shelter, water, fire, food and use tools and hunting weapons ancestral (Cogolin)

Nature activities

  • To combine pleasure and discovery, ride out on horseback on the paths of the Massif des Maures, accompanied by an equestrian guide (Grimaud)
  • Introduce yourself to sophrology while discovering the beautiful natural environment of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez through sophro-nature walks (Gassin, Croix-Valmer, Ramatuelle)
  • Discover the Nordic walking accessible to all with pathways in Cogolin, Grimaud and Ramatuelle on tracks or trails with very pretty viewpoints (Grimaud, Cogolin, Ramatuelle)
  • Go on a hike off the beaten track in the wild and natural part of the Domaine du Rayol (Rayol-Canadel-Sur-Mer)

Discovery of history, culture and local flavours

  • On board the train, discover Grimaud, a village nestled at the foot of its feudal castle (Grimaud)
  • Visit the Natural History Museum and the Citadel (Saint-Tropez)
  • Embark on coastal excursions from several ports in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez (Saint-Tropez)
  • Take a guided tour in the village of Ramatuelle or the mythical Saint-Tropez (Ramatuelle and Saint-Tropez)
  • Discover the vineyard through wine tasting of Château Saint-Maur

Wellness activities

  • Give yourself moments of deep relaxation with massages and steam rooms in various spa and beauty centers (Cavalaire, La Croix Valmer, Cogolin ...)
  • Introduce yourself to relaxation with Yoga sessions (Grimaud, Sainte-Maxime, Cogolin ...)

Children’s activities

  • Introduce your children to yoga! (Cogolin)
  • Go with your children to learn some survival techniques (Cogolin)
  • Have fun with your children in rubber rings or discover other games of sliding with the whole family (Sainte-Maxime)
  • Have a fun day out with your family at Aqualand (Sainte Maxime)
  • Spend a great evening with your kids in the amusement park named : Azur Park (Gassin)