General Terms of Sale

General terms of sales


1.       Field of application


Present generth al terms of sales are applied on bookings made for a stay between April 04th and September 26th 2021, booked after January 08th 2021. They lead usual contractual conditions and specifics measures taken for Covid-19. 


2.     admission conditions


Everyone need the authorization of the office manager to come into the campsite. Minors without parents or legal representative are not allowed to enter into the campsite.


3.      Breach of contract


The owner can only break the contract before its term in the two following cases:

§   Force majeure or police intervention,

§   Bring into play the resolutory clause, especially in case of non-respect of internal rules and this present contract.


4.     Personal data


Compulsory or optional choice is mentioned by an asterisk onto the paper booking form and onto the online booking request. Collected personal data are reserved for Camping de l’Argentiere and its technical services providers, with no commercial using by them. Customers may consult, modify and cancel their personal data. For more information, please check the « Personal data protection charter » available on our website and at the office.


5.     Insurance


Both of customer and owner commit to have an updating annual insurance and be able to justify the validity of it in any times, especially in case of harm for one or other. 


6.     Durée


The contract is made for a particular period set by the booking request by phone or website. The customer commit to pay the total amount of his original booking at the arrival, net of deposit and any changing before the arrival date.


7.     Deposit – invoice - payment


A 30% deposit will be charged right after the booking request in order to validate it. If the made deposit is not cashed after the request, the responsibility of l’Argentière to give to the customer a definitive booking is not committed. A deposit can’t be paid with a credit note.  


The invoice of the stay and other services is due in Euros and must be paid before the arrival or at the latest.  The payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card onto the website before arrival or by cash during the check-in. The non-respect of payments delay is submitted to late payment penalty.


8.     Booking via partners


Present general terms of sales and company rules apply to partners’ customers too. More precisely to customers who have made their booking onto another platform than ours, with an online travel agency.  


9.     Early retirement – late arrival


In case of early retirement or late arrival for following reasons:

·         Bordures closing

·         Campsite closing

·         Quarantine of customer


A credit note based on the amount of non-stayed nights available for 12 months from the interruption date will be edited. The customer may refuse and will be refund (minus the amount of insurance if he subscribed it).


Any other reasons for interruption stay is considerate as a customer cancellation. Please refer to this section.


If the customer has not taken the rental or the pitch 24 hours after the initial day, this booking form is cancelled. Total of paid amount is kept by l’Argentiere. The rental or pitch will be rented again.



10.   Cancellation


A cancellation must be done by email or mail only.


A) Cancellation done by l’Argentiere


If l’Argentiere cancel your booking (except in case of force majeure), total paid amount (less booking fees) will be refund. 


B) Cancellation done by customer


i) Cancellation insurance subscribe


An insurance is proposed during the booking process. This insurance cover damages under conditions of its own general terms of sales. Insurance will give you a partial or total refund of paid amounts. If the cancellation reason is not covered by the insurance or not accepted, the general terms of sales of l’Argentiere are applied.


ii) No insurance


If the cancellation is due to governmental decisions as:

·         Bordures closing

·         Campsite closing

·         Restriction of moves


A credit note based on total amount of the stay (less booking fees) will be available for 12 months from the initial arrival day. The customer may refuse and will be refund.


For any other reasons:


Case N°1: Cancellation until 15 days before the arrival day

Deposit of 30% of the total amount of the stay will be kept by l’Argentiere as cancellation fees. Paid amount (except credit note), less deposit, will be refund. If a credit note has been used, it will be renewed as a non-refundable credit note available for 12 months from the initial arrival day.


Case N°2: Cancellation less than 15 days before the arrival day

All paid amount will be kept by l’Argentiere. No refund will be done.   


Case N°3: Early departure – late arrival

All paid amount will be kept by l’Argentiere. No refund will be done.   


11.   rental/pitch modification


A) Done by customer

A possibilty to change the rental/pitch is possible until 24 hours after the arrival. Customer will pay the difference if the changing is lead to a superior price. If the price is less expensive, no refund will be done.


Amenities services included in Premium range rentals are not transferable to other ranges.


B) Done by l’Argentiere

L’Argentiere may change the rental/pitch at the customer arrival. If the changing is leading to a superior price, the amount will be offered to customer. On the other hand, if the changing is leading to an inferior price, the amount will be refund to customer.


12.   Late payment penalty


In case of totally or partially default payment at the departure day, the customer will must pay a late payment penalty equal to 3 times the legal interest rate based onto the invoice date. This penalty is calculated on the total outstanding amount (with taxes), and is valid right after the expiry invoice date without any pre-emptive measure of l’Argentière.


13.   Company rules


The customer commit to respect the company rules and inform himself about technologic risk prevention plan which is displayed at the entrance of the campsite. The present contract should be broken by the owner of the campsite in case of non-respect of the company rules. Swimming pools access is only allowed to customers. Visitors are forbidden into pools. A specific swimming pool rules is displayed at the entrance of pools and must conscientiously be respected under penalty of being definitively banned, or the instantly breach of contract by the owner of the campsite. Long trunks are forbidden, short swimsuits and bracelet are compulsory. Children without parents are not allowed to enter into the pools, even onto the bank.


14.   Noise pollution - Discourtesy


The customer commit to respect all the rules about noise pollution and respect of neighborhood. If the customer does not, the owner may break the contract and directly ban concerned customers in order to maintain the quality of services and the security for others customers there onto the campsite.


15.     Restriction of services


To respect the French government healthcare charter for Covid-19, l’Argentiere could take several measures like close services.  Customers will be informed as soon as possible in case of restriction and closed services.   


16.   Natural risk prevention plan


Natural risk prevention plans are displayed at the office and can be consulted at any time by request to the office manager. Security rules in case of fire or flood are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and into toilet blocks.


17.   Present to the office


Both customer and visitor must present himself at the office right after his arrival, in order to indicate the length of the staying. Only one person can make the registration in the office and must wear a mask.


18.     Check-in and check-out timetable


 The present timetable is applied in july and august months. Pitches arrivals can be made between noon and 08pm ; departures between 08.30am and 11am. Rentals arrivals can be made between 04pm to 08pm ; departures between 08.30am and 10am.


19.   Visitors


Visitors are foreigners who want to spend time into the campsite without sleeping. They must present at the office to pay a visitor tax (price mentioned at the entrance of the campsite). They don’t have access to swimming pool. Vehicles must stay onto parking spot at the entrance of the campsite.


20.   Taxes


City tax: 0,37€/night/ pers. (can be changed by city hall).

Eco tax: 0,70€/day/ pers. (involvement to ecology).


21.   Night


A night is counted from the arrival date until the next day at midday. Passed this time, an additional night will be charged.


22.   Rental period


Camping pitches can be rented for one night or more. Rental period for mobil-home is fixed for minimum 2 nights in april, may, june and September months and 7 nights in july and august.


23.    Inventory – housekeeping – household linen


An inventory is established at the check-in to control the general aspect of the rental: equipment state, cleaning etc. Customers commit to restitute the rental in the same aspect it has been given to him at the check-in. Otherwise the owner may charge special fees for rehabilitation.


Premium range is fitted with household linen (bed sheets and towels). Classic and Confort range are not fitted with household linen. It can be rented at the office directly. L’Argentiere is not furnishing blankets to respect healthcare charter ; customers are invited to come with their own blankets and duvets.  All rentals are fitted with kitchen equipment. Cleaning must be done by the customer. The rental must be restituted cleaned at the check-out, fridge de-iced (if not, guarantee will be kept).


24.   Rental guarantee


At the arrival, customers will give two guarantee for the rental: one of 150€ and another of 60€ or 100€. First one is taken to insure all the equipment and second one to insure housekeeping (60€ for 1-5 people rental and 100€ for 6-8 people rental). Guarantees are only in cash and will be personally restituted at the check-out. If the check-out is not done during opened hours’ office, the housekeeping guarantee will be automatically charged. If housekeeping isn’t done, the office manager will charge the housekeeping guarantee. If an equipment is damaged (broke, damage, out of order) a financial compensation of equipment real amount will be charged to customer.


25.   Maximal capacity onto pitches


Rentals and pitches capacity must be respected as mentioned into the websites and leaflet. Babies under 1 year old are considered as a fully person. Therefore they are counted into the total quantity of occupants customers. Maximum capacity is defined by campsite insurance. Therefore if it isn’t respected, the owner of the campsite is no more insuring security of all concerned customers. 


26.   pitch or rental number


A camping pitch or rental booking is confirmed at the cashing of the deposit but will not insure a special pitch number. The booking is guaranteeing one pitch into the campsite during a defined period but the number is likely to change at any time until the arrival date of the customer. Changes are made in order to balance schedules of rentals also to respect social detachment due to Covid-19. If the customer wants to change his attributed pitch or rental at the arrival, the office manager will satisfy his request in limit of availabilities.


27.   pets


Only small pets are allowed into the campsite, with a weigh under 15 kilos. They must be watch carefully and kept in leash. Pets’ owners are responsible of their hygiene and behavior. This is why any failure of those two points will be sanctioned by the owner of the campsite, by banning pets’ owners and their companions. Health booklet shall be requested at the arrival. Dogs of categories I and II are forbidden. 


28.   Complaints


All complaints must be sent to Camping l’Argentière by registered letter within an 8 days maximum delay after the departure of customers. After this delay, none of complaints will be taken into consideration.


29.   Resolutory clause


All clauses of this general terms of sales are effective. Non-respect of one of them or company rules shall break the contract and give the owner the right to apply all measures needed to maintain the level of quality and security for the customers.


30.   Force majeure


Responsibility of l’Argentière will not be involved if the contract can’t be realized in case of force majeure. Force majeure comes from external, unpredictable and compelling event (Article 1148 Code civil).


31.     Civil liability for Covid-19

L’Argentiere will not be held responsible in case of virus disease declared by customers because the French government healthcare charter is applied on all the campsite. If a customer is showing symptoms, he immediately has to inform the office to fix a medical visit with a doctor. A quarantine period can be imposed by doctor after the diagnostic.


32.   Competent court


All disputes must be treated in front of competent court. Present contract is approved by both parties, owner and customer.